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From a very young age, it was clear to Naithan that he had a genuine passion for business and an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 17, he started his first landscaping business in his hometown of Lee, NH. While growing his company and in order to enhance his business education and industry-specific knowledge, Naithan made time to achieve two Associate Degrees in Horticultural Technology and Applied Business Management from the University of New Hampshire in 2008. Over the next 15 years, Naithan poured himself into his company, expanding it from a small seasonal lawn care service to a multi-million landscaping company supported by 35+ employees, and acquiring multiple landscape and irrigation companies to build his service area and client base. During that time, Naithan learned the “ins and outs” of what it takes to start, expand, and operate an efficient, lucrative business. By trial and error, Naithan acquired the knowledge that is rooted in developing a solid strategic plan, relevant sales and marketing initiatives, sound operations management, and most importantly, managing the valuable employees. It’s all about the people! In the fall of 2019, Naithan made the decision to sell his company. He now enjoys helping other entrepreneurs and business owners improve operations and increase revenue.

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Naithan Couse

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